Shipping Lines & Cargo Owners

Shipping Line & Cargo Owners want to:

  • Ensure track and trace is reliable throughout the whole journey.
  • Remain competitive and exceed customer expectations.
  • Capitalize smart technologies to deliver performance.
  • Understand the next generation capabilities

Who Sponsors?

Solution providers in the following areas:

  • IoT, AI and Drones
  • Asset Tracking
  • Automation and Optimisation
  • Communication & Connectivity
  • Container Handling and Terminal Optimisation
  • System Integration
  • Terminal Logistics
  • Wireless Networks and Mobility

Audience profile you will meet at SDP19:

  • CEO
  • Vice President Port Development
  • Managing Director – Digital
  • Director Customer Experience EMEA
  • Director Professional Services EMEA
  • Senior Director IT and Global Innovation
  • Director Global Engineering
  • Director Global Market Management

How Can We Help?