As a world-leading AI solution supplier, INFORM develops software solutions that marry the best of operations research methodology with proven AI to deliver powerful operational decision-making support systems for the port and terminal industry. We offer a wide variety of add-on optimization modules for maritime and intermodal terminals. Designed by terminal professionals and powered by best-of-breed algorithms, they are able to make split-second decisions, moving every container and equipment into an optimized position, giving them a head start for their next move – irrespective of their grade of automation (manual, semi, or full).

Integrating into your existing IT/TOS landscape,  these modules render a wide range of terminal processes (e.g. rail crane operations, yard management, etc.) more productive, agile, and reliable. Major terminal operators around the world use INFORM’s field-proven software to improve their processes: APM Terminals (Maasvlakte II), Port of Hamburg (HHLA CTA + CTB), Port of Los Angeles (TraPac, LLC), GCT Deltaport, and many others.

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